Project Description

Ernest Holmes suggests in the Introduction to The Basic Ideas of Science of Mind that we study this philosophy to learn how to have:

  1. “… an understandable, permanent, and dependable relationship with God.”
  2. “… happiness, health, prosperity and a more satisfactory way of living.”

The Science of Mind philosophy provides a way to relate to Life and a way to think about our experiences in life. If there is something else you are seeking, something other than a more satisfactory relationship with God, you should look elsewhere. However, if you are studying Science of Mind teachings in order to gain greater insight, then Rev. Chaffin’s commentary on the Basic Ideas will prove to be an excellent study guide.

Rev. Chaffin began his studies of The Basic Ideas of the Science of Mind in 1967. His insights and commentary on this subject reflect over forty years of classroom instruction, spiritual guidance and assistance to students of the Science of Mind.