Jesus of Nazareth
Jesus of Nazarethrabbi, spiritual leader, inspirational speaker ...
A New Thought study of the Gospels is focused on:
1) the teachings of Jesus, not the teacher.
2) what Jesus said, not what was said about him.
3) what Jesus believed, not a belief in him.
Ralph W. Emerson
Ralph W. Emersonminister, author, essayist, philosopher, ...
Emerson’s Essays provide a philosophical primer for concepts that are fundamental to New Thought’s spirituality: Self-reliance, Self-worth, and Self-confidence. He was “the wisest American.”
Ernest S. Holmes
Ernest S. Holmesteacher, lecturer, author, minister, ...
The writings of Ernest Holmes provided the foundation for a New Thought religion as well as teachings that could be practiced by adherents of any religion, or of none. Here we study the basic ideas and practical application of the Science of Mind philosophy.


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Glenn E. Chaffin
Glenn E. Chaffinstudent, teacher, philosopher, minister, author
A rural pastor who took the mystery out of metaphysics by teaching the fundamental truths of New Thought in clear and simple terms. His commentaries on the teachings of Jesus, Emerson and Holmes are the primary focus of
Rev. Glenn Edward Chaffin writes:

“There are many more New Thought authors than the few who are featured on this site. In fact, Jesus and Ralph Waldo Emerson cannot be considered New Thought authors. They certainly would not have described themselves in that way. Nevertheless, they had a new thought – thoughts that found expression in a spiritual self-help movement that coalesced in the late nineteenth century as New Thought. The truths that Jesus and Emerson taught provided the spiritual foundation for this New Thought movement. New Thought philosophy and principles can be found in other spiritual teachings, other philosophical and scientific doctrines. However, as a Science of Mind minister in Minnesota, I chose to focus on Holmes, Jesus and Emerson in my efforts to teach New Thought principles. After forty years, I offer this distillation to those who are on a similar path.”