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The Teachings of Jesus, by Rev. Glenn Chaffin, is currently available for purchase on It is the first in the New Thoughts on … series. Other titles in the works will provide commentary on the Science of Mind teachings, as well as the teachings of Jesus, the writings of Ralph Waldo Emerson and Rev. Chaffin’s unique perspective on New Thought philosophy, principles and practices.

Like the books, this site is a work in progress. Please check back for updates and improvements.

Basic Ideas

New Thoughts on an Ernest Holmes classic: The Basic Ideas of the Science of Mind

Review the Basics

The Basic Ideas of the Science of Mind was Ernest Holmes’ first weekly home study course.
Rev. Chaffin’s commentary on this classic material will renew your understanding of the basic ideas!

Love & Judgment

Two views of one Reality: a new perspective founded on the teachings of Jesus and New Thought principles


What do you see when you take a second look? Be it Oneness or Duality, our view of reality determines our consciousness and our experience of Life and the living. If you love, you need not judge.

Affirmative Prayer

Affirming the Truth of one's Self, while accepting the facts of every facet of one's life.

Change Your Mind

The practice of affirmative prayer is predicated on a single premise: Perfection. With samples and examples, this book replaces the old idea that nobody is perfect with a new thought.

Creative Thinking

New Thoughts on consciousness, conscious thinking and being conscientious.


Our self-concepts are the seeds of thought we sow, and then reap as our experience of Life. Gather some new thoughts on an old analogy.

Books in the works:

A working draft of Rev. Chaffin’s current writing project will be featured on this web site while it is being revised, edited and  prepared for publication. Students of New Thought are welcome to read along and provide feedback. Once the book is published no portion of the text will be available to read on this site.

Book Features

      • Available exclusively on
      • Available in print or Kindle format
      • Kindle e-books are indexed and fully searchable to facilitate study
      • Books are printed on quality paper and are perfect bound
      • Content is well edited, carefully considered, and represents the culmination of the authors fifty years of New Thought study and teaching

Pre-Viewers Reviews

Thanks Rev. Chaffin, I do so appreciate your fantastic work. Be Blessed by God and Life.
Rev T
So love your writings …… You are such a blessing!
B. M.
I have read and re-read your notes. I am almost getting it. I will continue to read and study it. What I want to say right now is “thank you.” Also, ….. Wow! In appreciation …
M. B.
Thank you for the wise words.
C. E.
As always, your words resonate with me and inspire me. Thank you for all your continued work with New Thought.
J. I.